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Danny’s Pools of Southwest Florida takes the stress out of pool ownership by servicing all of your pool equipment. Operational pool equipment is the primary components of your pool’s system, helping it maintain beautiful, healthy water. Your pool components all need to be working correctly in order to maintain optimal performance. When one component of the system isn’t functioning properly, the entire system can slow or even fail. There are many issues that can cause problems from a leaking valve, to debris and pump or heater malfunctions, your pool’s system requires skilled inspection and repair by a professional. We are leaders in pool maintenance and know how to get your system in proper working order. With one call, our team is ready to help you. Call (941) 565-8861 for instant service.

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To maintain a good condition of your pump, timers and heaters we recommend regular inspection by a professional. In addition to our as-needed repair service, Danny’s Pools also offers inspection of your pool equipment in our weekly and bi-weekly pool service packages. This helps identify any problems with your pump, timer or heater before there becomes a major issue. Our service addresses all of your pool needs to keep it enjoyable throughout the season. 

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