Cleaning & maintaining your own pool can require a lot of time & effort.
At Danny’s Pools of SWFL we want to make sure you spend your time enjoying your pool, not cleaning and maintaining it.

We know how to address your pool problems right the first time. Our long history and experience in the pool industry means we understand proper pool chemistry. A clean pool
is not necessarily a healthy pool. Unbalanced chemicals cause many pool problems, including cloudy water, rough surfaces, reduced circulation, clogged filters, clogged heating elements,
as well as constant algae problems and maybe even bacteria.

Danny’s Pools of Southwest Florida are experts in the pool service industry, and are established in the Manatee, Sarasota and Charlotte areas. Our skilled team of professionals understands how to properly maintain pools and their equipment. You can trust our knowledgeable and reliable service when you need it most. 

We will do all of your cleaning and maintenance giving you a piece of mind that your pool will always be clean, beautiful and ready to swim in. We will also ensure that the levels of your pool chemicals are adjusting everytime and that everything is in perfect balance!

We offer weekly and bi-weekly comprehensive pool cleaning service at a reasonable price we want to ensure that your pool is always beautiful and healthy every time you want to use it. 

Cleaning & Maintenance
Salt & Chlorine Pools

Full service starting from…


Chemical Only

Affordable Pool Services:

Brushing tile & walls
Skimming the surface
Cleaning of the skimmer & pump basket
Testing chemical levels
Adjusting chemical levels as needed
Cleaning the filter
Inspecting all of your equipment

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A Clean Pool Makes Happy Customers!